Thursday, November 18

261. Drift Away

I didn't have the best night last night so I've been distant most of today. I tried to get a couple things done, did some, but I'm still on edge and cannot seem to garnish the motivation to attack any project or task in particular. I really hope this is just a fleeting feeling and that I can kick into high gear this weekend. Next week is already Thanksgiving, holy cow! This year has gone by pretty fast, but I am constantly being told that this trend just grows exponentially as I grow older. Oh joy. Lol. Why do kids ever want to grow up so fast again? I actually was never really one of those. I still don't want to grow up now! XD

Wish me luck on keeping out of a rut! It has already led to me putting my Etsy shop on an indefinite hiatus. :( See you tomorrow. <3

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