Monday, November 8

251. The Old Gang

I think I'm starting to calm down. Being a bit sore and bruised from yard work kind of helps one cool their jets. Lol.

It's really nice to see old friends again. It's even better when that meeting involves even more old friends. Part of you starts to feel like the balance of the world and the order of all things is falling back into place. Yet, with all of the changes and experiences that have occurred during those solo flights or just that time a part from one another... something doesn't seem quite right. If you're lucky, the attitudes and atmosphere picks right back up again. Other times, you try and just skim past as much as you can. In a few cases, what's done is done, the chapter is over, everyone has played their parts, and you nod politely just to keep moving on. Life is pretty darn interesting in that regard. So much and so little time. The same goes for people was well. It is such a small world, especially with technology these days, and yet so very expansive that you can easily feel pretty insignificant all at once. Oh, and that feeling lonely or alone when you're surrounded by people? Don't get me started on that one just yet.

I really don't think my brain can handle delving into this subject matter for much longer. See you tomorrow. <3

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