Monday, November 29

272. Conversion

While I'm still sick to my stomach, we managed to get a few errands done today that were a such a huge load off of my shoulders. I still can't believe it went all so smoothly *knocks on wood*, I'm still waiting for something to go wrong. Ack! Lol.

I've also gone a little bin crazy lately. Sorting out bins at school and buying more bins for me to use at home for my stuff and the household's things. It's pretty darn overwhelming trying to tame all of the chaos to convert into organized chaos. I'm trying to keep lists of what's in boxes and figuring out what can be stored out in the garage to maximize the living space indoors. Phew. Every day, the bed is absolutely covered with another project while I take over the living room to try to get a glimpse of everything I'm trying to tackle. What on earth have I gotten myself into!? Ha ha.

Back to the grind for me! I can't wait to work on some holiday stuff in class tomorrow. Tee hee, it's definitely time for some Cricut magic/ fun. Good luck on getting your own holiday affairs in order and see you tomorrow. <3

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