Friday, November 19

262. Not Helping

Apparently one of the words I have trouble saying (amongst them: "thesaurus") is "organ." It seems that I end up saying "Oregon" and the SO won't let me live it down. Lol. He's trying to coach me and the harder I try the more I think I hear myself half sneaking in a half of an extra syllable. I never really noticed this before. Bah!

I wonder how next week is going to turn out. I can't make it back to my folks' for Thanksgiving and I'm unsure as to what my plans are instead. :( Maybe we can get creative and start some odd new tradition. One could only hope. As long as it stays relatively drama-free, I'll be glad. This will probably be a precursor to how the rest of this year's holiday season will go and I'm not quite sure if I am ready for that. I hope everyone else is gearing up nicely for Turkey Day and Black Friday. I try my best to stay away and recover from the day before. XD Pretty good habit to have when you're bordering broke. Ha ha!

See you tomorrow, folks. <3

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