Tuesday, November 23

266. Shattered


Next next Tuesday is the released of the latest expansion of our WoW game. :D They broke our world today in preparation and it's been interesting, to say the least. I am growing accustomed to all of the changes but I don't want to take part in it. Lol.

They have always kept true to their roots and even as old stuff was rendered useless, they would do what they could to keep it in the game with some minimal value. This time around... the landscape and traditions are ripped apart and it's like coming home after a couple of years and not recognizing what your childhood home has become.

Meh. I suppose I'm all sorts of sleep deprived and cranky too. We got a complimentry meal from Boston Market because it's good politics and we've been severely shafted by them the past couple of a months. Had an awkward case of mistaken identity and I felt bad but I'm still the type of person who would likely wave and smile at a stranger who did the same to me. Kids performed a play for schoolmates and adults about the first Thanksgiving and it was pretty... rough but funny. They even had a mini feast at snack and it was a little crazy energy wise but that's fine. Now to switch gears and attack making as many preparations as possible for next month. Awesome. Lol. I just want to help so much.

Even though there won't be students tomorrow, I'm going in again. At least there's a McDonald's breakfast involved. I can't wait! Ha ha.

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