Saturday, November 27

270. Blackened

Today, the SO and I were determined to get a few errands done.

So, off we went to drop off some mail, stop by the bank, have lunch with his mom at our new Vietnamese restaurant where the SO's special friend waited on us again and I have some very yummy grilled/ blackened chicken that I devoured, checked out the video game store where I kept squealing with excitement over our game dropping on December 7th, and we ended up at an office supply store where we finally purchased a working printed that was on sale. Got to love HP! One of those all-in-ones and although it wasn't the complete ideal (bi-colored and without wireless networking) for the price we got for it, we received much more printer than what we were expecting to get. Got to love leftover Black Friday promotions and products! We even checked out digital cameras for FMIL but it seems that viewfinders have finally been phased out of non-professional/ fancy grade digital cameras. Oh well. We had to go out one more time to grab some more plastic storage bins so I can figure out how to de-clutter the very limited space I have to work with. I do really have a love affair with Target. Lol. But, of course, I have 27 and 16 quart bins and now all they offer are 30 and 18 quart bins. Gee thanks marketing. Darn you and your conniving ways!

Started feeling under the weather, so the SO did nearly all of grunt work of rearranging more furniture so I could access my dresser and the printer would have a nice spot to live that anyone in the house who printed something could access without having to brave what could very well be their final frontier. Lol. Before we could open the box, I already decided that I adored it. Therefore, the next logical step when you grow attached to something, was to name it. The men decided that the printer was a "he" and his name should be "Sir Prince Alot" because it sounds very much like "prints." Lol, fine. We were eventually able to dig our way through the room and hook up the printer to print out some pictures and I have to say that they are gorgeous for what we paid for! I'm pretty sure the programing they use has photo-enhancing properties because I could swear that some aspects of the pictures looked better and more 3D than the original image being displayed on the screen! A very satisfying purchase. It'll be so nice to have a printer in the house again.

Sigh, I need to get back to organizing those bins. I really hope that the underbed storage bins fit/ work as well as we wanted them to. See you tomorrow. <3

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