Monday, November 22

265. A Voice

Last minute preparation for this weekend's Thanksgiving festivities are in full gear. Definitely another one of those times when there is not enough hours in the days going zooming by so fast that everyone seems to be getting whiplash.

I was taking a look at a school calendar and realized that some students only came to school on 8 days in December. What is up with that?! I have to say that making props and supplies for assignments is still pretty fun and cute though. However, I am already starting to panic about making everything and anything the classroom may need or use during the next month.

My gift shopping/ making and card writing has taken a severe back burner. That should be fun to catch up on once classes are done. I should have started writing them months ago when I started making the cards. :(

Black Friday traditions strike horror into every fiber of my being and I hope every stays safe and compassionate. And all of the advertisements, especially the emails, are kind of killing me but I don't feel gypped or anything. Spending is just not really in the cards for me now and I'm really okay not getting stuff.

I did listen to a voice mail message today that sent me off the emotional edge that I've been teetering upon. I... am pretty overwhelmed in a couple of ways and every way is making me feel incredibly guilty. Some is much deserved, but not all of it. Actually, just a few of those words I heard broke my heart a little. The beginning of the end of a deck that is stacked against me. I know I'm not the only one and I really do wish that we don't have to shoved in these kids of situations. I'm not going to say that it's not fair, even though it feels like some gross injustice, but it really is not fun.

Hang in there. We each will figure out something one way or another and our circumstances will change for the better eventually. Just keep hanging on and pushing forward. See you tomorrow. <3

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