Thursday, November 11

254. Covered

I'm not sure how I would cope with anything if it weren't for loved ones, music, and crafting.

My fingers are currently covered in paint despite the fact that it is one of my weakest mediums to work with and I'm feeling pretty happy.

I've been working on assembling a miniature paper house and converting it from haunted to gingerbread. Not an easy feat. This is especially so because it was only supposed to be a prototype. However, I got excited. Teehee.

So excited that I forgot to take a regular "screenshot" of it once it was finally assembled. I did grab a picture on my phone but I can't remember the best way for me to go about transferring that image onto my computer. Hopefully I can because it was pretty impressive looking before I started to modify it.

Hooray for prepping for winter around the house by starting to transfer plants around. I was covered in dirt and various pet grime today too. :D

It is really getting chilly out. I never really remembered much about winterizing anything besides a wardrobe with living in Florida most of my life. This is really interesting to get involved with seasonal type processes!

See you tomorrow. <3

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