Thursday, December 2

275. Notes

My hand is sore from all of the notes that I've been writing all day long. I printed myself a guide but quickly realized that it was incomplete and went to find other guides that I used to fill in the gaps by hand. Ow. The good news is that I could mostly breathe naturally today!

Quite the accomplishment with this cold or whatever it is. It may be a little strange, but I kind of missed seeing my own handwriting. Sure, I've jotted down notes here and there. Well, okay I write memos all the time for myself and everyone around me because I like to but that's not the point, lol. I guess it's a good thing that I have a million cards to write to everyone, hm? Sigh. The projects keep piling up. I thought the holidays were supposed to be a time of happiness. It looks like more work than the rest of the year! :P

I know that it can be a tough time for many for legitimate reasons and I hope to find a way to help alleviate that just a little. I have this habit of donating something to every other place that asks if I want to donate some candy or a dollar to. I know I'm not rolling in dough, but I can part with some that I do almost have for someone that is much worse straits than I am. Just my thinking. 

Happy Hanukah! (I know it officially started at sundown last night!) See you tomorrow. <3

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