Wednesday, December 8

281. A Sign?

*sings* I saw the sign- It opened up my eyes- I saw the sign! Man, old school. Lol.

We ran a few errands today and are almost done with our Christmas shopping now. Phew. One more to buy and then the rest I need to make myself. Oh joy. I wrapped the ones we already have up though! We also had a birthday in the family today so we went out to celebrate that as well.

Went to a new Mexican restaurant in town and had some decently yummy food. They even make the salsa table-side and had a live Mariachi band! We got them to sing Happy Birthday/ Feliz CumpleaƱos and then Feliz Navidad because we're sad and couldn't think of another song to request on the spot. Retroactively, the boys thought we should have requested "Eye of the Tiger." XD Oh boy. The restaurant even brought out a big slice of delicious chocolate cake and a tin foil hat that they shaped like pig tails. Rofl. We kept it, of course.

I tried to go and conquer one of my biggest fears today. It would have also been one of my lifetime goals. Um... yeah. I fell flat on my face before making it out of the starting gates. Just a tad discouraging/ heart breaking. I just... really hope that this was not a sign that I shouldn't try to accomplish this right now because I would really like to. :( Meh, I'll write more about it when I actually get it done, I suppose. /frown.

Well, that's all I have for today. See you tomorrow! <3

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