Monday, December 20

293. Full & Gone

Needless to say that today was a flurry of activity. It was not ideal, but very productive anyways!

FMIL and I starched and pinned several snowflakes that she crocheted to a large bulletin board she scored a few weeks ago at a garage sale for a dollar. Actually she got two of them for two dollars. We used over 500 pins so it took us a little longer than anticipated. After trying to let them dry while being propped up on top of the couch, we snuck in a trip to Michaels where I picked up two supplies for an art project I hope to do with my friends when I come visit and she picked up a quick-drying fabric stiffener spray and acrylic sealant spray for this project. Below is the end result with my beloved step-kitty son as an unwilling backdrop:

*Nom nom nom*

He did start nibbling on the snow while we cracked up laughing trying to take the picture. She did several designs and I hope to get more pictures of them later on. I'm bringing some back as a gift for my folks. Isn't that so sweet? It was grocery shopping time too and she got her holiday treat supplies and even made a bag of roasted walnuts and pecans that were covered in cinnamon and sugar! Unfortunately, I'm not checking any baggage and I didn't want to risk having to throw them out tomorrow at the airport. It would be such a waste of such a yummy treat! 

Some of us crammed in a dinner together to catch some of the Vikings - Bears game and stuffed ourselves full with the deals that they offered. Um, $25 for two garden salads, four sides, two 1/2 lb. rib eye steaks, and an appetizer/ dessert? With $1 off of drinks? You bet your bottom we're rolling ourselves away after the fact!

I was packing and helping clean around the house and the room. It is for once in a really long time (it feels that way but has only been since the late October upheaval) it is finally as open as it's going to get. Phew. Not as organized as I would hope, but I had to pick my present winnable battles. Ha ha. 

Even managed to stop by the bank and the pet store where we went for kitty litter and also snagged some gifts for our four legged friends. At least the younger ones. I just realized we forget to get it for the cat that is death incarnate. She's about/ at least 14 years old and crotchety and bipolar and terrifying. Aw. Maybe we'll just give her the gift of peace and a case of leave-me-the-heck-alone-already. I think she'll like that. XD 

I'm also finally all packed up and I think it's a little bad that 75% of the bulk I'm taking are presents. I was totally going to just send everyone on that coast a card and a long distance hug but nooo, I had to end up heading back and not feeling comfortable just giving the gift of my presence. Lol, I highly doubt that's good enough. I can make for some awful company sometimes, ha ha ha. 

Even going to catch the lunar eclipse tonight! 

Yep, jammed packed it was/ is. I really hope that I have a smooth day of traveling tomorrow. I've been too busy to get nervous about it until now. To think a few years ago, traveling alone would give me a panic attack. I've gotten much braver and I hope that keeps up tomorrow. Wish my luck and see you then! <3

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