Saturday, December 11

284. Crunch Crunch

I wish that was the sound of fresh powdered snow on the mountain compressing beneath my boots. Alas, while some parts of the country are enduring blizzards, we have yet to see a hint of precipitation this winter. Even though we were nudging temperatures slightly below freezing last week, this week has been full of 80 degree weather. No fun at all for winter.

How are we supposed to get into the festive mood when we have to rip off our sweaters so we don't pass out? Bah!

What we do still feel is the stress of getting all the holiday business taken care of by the deadlines. It's crunch time. We rounded up the troops around the house today and did our best to collect all of the boxes marked Christmas into the living room. Each was sorted through and now all of the decor is unpacked with about 80% of it distributed throughout the house, the tree is set up and decorated, and lights are being put up or fixed outside. I need to finish up my shopping, finished making gifts, and pack for my trip to visit my folks! Not to mention try to keep up with my classes. Or finishing the room remodel.

At least I finished a third of the cards today. For some batches, my mind is completely blanked as to what to say. I can't stand saying the same thing over and over again. This is especially so when I know that the recipients are close enough in proximity that cards could clash and I can't have that now can I? Lol. It's my first time trying to cast such a wide net! I'm doing it all by hand and I can surrender to the singular stamped message a few years down the road. I'm supposed to be all optimistic, bright eyed, and bushy tailed when I first start out trying to establish my own traditions! XD I'm just a smidgen jaded.

Now, if we could only get all of the animals to attempt to get along or at least peacefully coexist... that would be wonderful and save probably an hour a day. Breaking up fights, chasing after flying fur, and cleaning up obliterated surfaces gets old fast. Lol, like having a herd of unruly children running amuck. Ha ha, yeah, not going to happen under our watch or if we have anything to say about it.

I need to start thinking about what I'm going to bring with me on my trip... but that can wait until the morning. I really need to just pour myself into bed. I'm hoping to hang out at the city street fair tomorrow. They have it twice a year and it features food, fun, and arts & crafts!! I shall post a picture of the ornament I got there last year tomorrow.

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