Sunday, December 5

278. Digital Craze

Anticipating is rising for the drop of the latest expansion to the online game that the SO and I play. To say the least, we're flipping out. :D It's really tempting to go to a midnight release to pick up our already reserved special edition copies. Yeah, we are well aware of how nerdy/ dorky this makes us and we are very proud of it.

He also reminded me that I can easily transfer some of the pictures that I've managed to take with my cell phone to my computer. So... here are some pictures that I've been meaning to share!

This is our kitty's cousin by relation on his new nap spot.
I've caught him mixing on the fish's eyeball. XD

This is the paper gingerbread house after I finally assembled it and before I started to paint it!

 FMIL did this after we finished our meal at a restaurant.
It's pretty easy to do and theoretically, the shaker is poised on a single grain.

 We actually found him in the garage today!
We think he's a little gila monster which have nasty venomous bites and he was relocated into the desert by one of the boys. That's where I snapped this picture. /shudder.

Other than that, I got a little bit more Christmas shopping done online and may have gotten something crafty for myself despite having behaved so well lately. Ack! /frown. I actually got it to help make things for others, but yeah... We'll see. Until tomorrow! <3

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