Friday, December 3

276. Holiday Rush

I'm definitely starting to feel the pressure that the holidays tend to bring today.

After a short talk with my folks over the past two days, they ended up nearly bullying me the way parents tend to do into visiting for Christmas and New Year's. I said I'd consider it and BAM! the next day I'm getting texts and emails ending with them buying me a ticket to come back. Rofl. So, that's the plan and with that in place it puts my current holiday plans into further perspective. All the presents and cards that have to be made/ bought/ wrapped/ sent out and now there is absolutely no way that I can wait until the night before like last year. Well, it's not like I didn't do anything until the last minute, but there ended up being things to do in the final hour. But I won't be here this year and I won't have that luxury! Ack!

I've gotten a few more things done today but I think I need to go lay down. Lol. See you tomorrow. <3

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