Sunday, December 26

299. Unplanned Plans

We ran a few errands today and they didn't go as planned but they were done. After leaving the grocery store and heading to the car my arm suddenly hurt and there was a palm tree frond on the ground in front of me. We finally got the rainstorm last night that the weather people had been predicting and it was several degrees colder and very windy today. With the number of gusts going on, plants were being knocked over and outdoor furniture was being tossed about too. That not even dead branch fell across my forearm and now it's bruised. :( The sky is falling and it hurts!

I also got a chance to hang out with some of my favorite people in the world today and give them their Christmas & Birthday presents. Happy Birthday, K.Kong! :D We played video games, met new people, ran all around town trying to look for certain things to buy, shopped for completely unrelated items, and ended up playing old school multi-player racing and shooting games.

I'm happy with my little haul of a game for my brother, candy, and trading cards that I've been trying to hunt down for the past week. Hanging out with boys is fun! :P

I think that tomorrow will actually be a somewhat relaxing day at home doing chores and cleaning before we start to prepare for the new year. How exciting! Lol. See you then. <3

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