Tuesday, December 28

301. Party? Sure!

Today was a day dedicated to being a nerd and mostly hanging with my brother. :D

We got up, ran some errands, then picked up our neighbor friend to go to lunch and the beloved card and comic book store. We made it to our favorite Italian pizza and pasta buffet where adults eat for 5 smackaroonies!

Then, we went on a shopping spree of trading cards. The boys were so bad. XD We spent about three times as much time there as they had originally planned for and only went home when we realized how much time had passed. Lol. Don't get me wrong, I did my fair share of damage too. I can't wait to get a chance to sort out all of my cards. I have some Sailor Moon sticker cards from years ago, Pokemon cards in a binder, WoW cards that I'm currently hunting for just because I'm a dork and the artwork is gorgeous, Magic cards that I need to switch the sleeves for and trade with my brother's supplies, and Yugi-Oh cards that I need to categorize. Lol. So much fun! I got new card sleeves and deck boxes that better match my actual deck themes as well as stuff for the boys to play with too since they can actually battle each other and other friends where as I am purely collecting.

Then, I set up plans to hang out at the house while getting decorations for the party my folks are having. I told my mom that it's typically just like the Fourth of July but instead of red, white, and blue it is black, silver, and gold. All stars, sparklies, and fireworks. Lol.

I ended up having a few of my favorite people over, we grabbed some pizza that I forgot to help pay for!! oh well, there's the a chance in a couple of days lol, took a tour of the house, and then settled into to play some insane Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 together. It is a hilariously ridiculous game. Then, my mom cooked us a second dinner of a traditional Vietnamese soup that everyone annihilated. :D I think that made my folks' day, ha ha. I even volunteered to have a bowl myself and this was odd because I've spent a good deal of my upbringing trying to avoid having it. Rofl.

Well, I need to hit the hay and then go to bed, lol. More party-planning for tomorrow. <3

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