Wednesday, December 29

302. Table Talk

I'm fairly sure that that is a name of a furniture chain somewhere. :P

Had some interesting chats with my mom today that I would actually rather not get into right now. I was able to vent and talk about it with the SO and it is probably best left alone after that point, lol. So, it was her day off and we tried to kick it into high gear for the party under her supervision. We are borrowing tables from neighbors left and right as well as setting up our new ones. Lol, I can't even remember how many layouts and configurations we tried out. We really wanted to have everyone sit together as opposed to segregating by gender and age as often happens at these types of shindigs.

We even took a breather to rearrange our... collection of birds. Lol. By "our" I mean my folks'. The newest one is just so obnoxious and attention-seeking. Oh, and loud. So very loud. We reorganized who was in which cage and put them all in a new location. I even took the chance to rearrange the toys between the cages to try to keep things slightly interesting and stimulating for each of them. All of the lovebirds were brave today and ventured out into the open to see all of the commotion going on on the patio. And when we took Mr. Flashy Screaming Conure out of the shared large cage into a smaller one of his own, our sweetest dusky-headed conure went a little bonkers trying to find him. It was so sad and sweet. That one is just so nice and despite being screamed at and nipped at by the other one, still worried about where he went for those whole 15 minutes we were moving the cages in place. Lol. Theoretically, it was supposed to make our table-rearranging a much more peaceful experience. That almost worked, lol. I think we'll all like this new set up. Everyone is with or near others that they can get along with and in spots that allow plenty of room to wander around in.

My brother and I got a little excited and started to put up the decorations we bought for the party where we felt that the wind wouldn't tear away at and are setting up game plans for each day as well as a play list of music to listen to with our friends. I'm kind of excited to see how it goes. I think the last time I remember having any sort of party here, it was for my Sweet Sixteen birthday. XD Some people haven't been here since our original house warming party about 13 years ago. Good game to all parties involved (no pun intended, ha ha).

I really hope it goes well. One more day until show time! I hope any plans you all are making are going well. : ) See you tomorrow. <3

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