Thursday, December 16

289. Elephants On Parade

I finished the... stocking stuffers I've been working on today! That's 10 done and I could not be happier, lol. Well, I could be because I originally wanted to add little fancy decorations and then I realized to do so would be completely insane at this eleventh hour. I'm leaving on Tuesday and can't even remember where the luggage bag that I want to take with me is in the garage.

At least we finally received some of the dreary winter weather that has been sweeping around the nation today. Completely overcast, cold, windy, and damp. Unfortunately, it only started to be stormy right when we were going to head out for last minute shopping. I know, it's holiday/ cosmos karma for procrastinating but in my defense, I've been looking for these items and could not find them during earlier errand runs.

The school had their office holiday party tonight. The hosting house was stunning! So homey and yet so beautifully remodeled and decorated for Christmas. A different themed tree in every room, a drool-worthy office chock full of technology hidden behind a bookcase doorway, an indoor half court for the grandchildren? It's not like it was a mansion or anything- besides, that's not my style- but I definitely have a dream house goal idea thing in mind now. I finally realize what it could look like someday. The SO and I like to play a little game of what we'd do if we were filthy rich and we're totally serious about our ideas and daydreams about 97% of the time. It's a pretty fun way of getting to know each others' interests and determine what's really important to you. Suffice to say, everyone around us should be worried if for some freak reason it ever happened.

Back to the party, it was pretty darn fun. Great food and company and at the end we played a little game called White Elephant. Nearly everyone who attended participated and we each bring a wrapped gift that's either something kind of wacky or random from our own homes or a gift(s) for $10 or under.

 The White Elephant White Tree (sans Elephants)

We drew numbers and the first person chooses a gift, opens it and shows everyone. Then, the next person to go can choose whether to steal that gift or open a new one. So on and so forth, you don't have to steal from the person before you, it can be anyone who has gone and if you have your gift stolen, you can open a new one. Any gift can only belong to a total of three people before it is locked to the last person and taken out of the pool. At the end, the first person gets to choose whether to stick with their gift or trade with anyone. Some people were a little mischievous and used boxes that had nothing to do with what was inside. It was hilarious when things were snatched and what ended up being highly valued and by whom. I have never heard of this before and thought it was a blast!

Here's what ended up being the gift that I chose:

Isn't that a complete hoot?
 A book, tiny pot to grow Italian Rye grass, a candy cane tree, and a VHS tape of Abs of Steel. I think one of the boys actually has a VCR around here somewhere. We're planning to watch it as a family and cry tears of laughter. That counts as a workout, right? XD 

 A close up of the cute tiny candy gingerbread man on my tree.

Also, I finally feel like I'm getting the big ticket items on my imposing to-do list completed. All the gifts for here have been gotten and are now wrapped underneath the tree. Those furry four-legged crazies better leave them alone or I might have a cow from two thousand miles away! They can play with all the paper and tissue on Christmas, dagnabbit! LOL.

Well, despite the weather, today was a very fun and successful day and for that I am so very grateful. I have no idea what I should be doing tomorrow, but I'm sure my lists will tell me. Lol See you then! <3

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