Thursday, December 9

282. Revolution

Another crazy day at school! One more to go this week! There must be something in the water. Or maybe it was the cold weather this morning even though it reached about 80 degrees by the afternoon. Ridiculous. Doing our best to crank out any holiday lessons we can while we still have the kids and I guess I did my best to turn the classroom upside down. FMIL and I threw half of the lesson plans out the window and scrambled to redo it between last night and this morning, lol.

I even managed to make a new mural landscape for their hallway that was slightly more winter themed. That makes a Halloween, Autumn, and Winter scene set. Huzzah? Lol. I also went ahead and typed up the wish lists that the kids wrote to Santa in which they had to say how good they felt they had been, three reasons/ ways how they were good, and the things that they wanted. Some of them are pretty darn funny. Well, we printed out two copies- one for them to take home with the holiday card I designed but they colored and one that I hung up in the hallway. It's great, we have menorahs, poinsettias, and Dear Santa letters. It's all so sweet.

Most of my evening has been dominated with the contents of the package I received in the mail today! Hooray! Memory Mixer 3, a digital scrapbooking software. You get what you paid for but I've started to upload many of the freebies I've been collecting and I'm pretty satisfied with the capabilities of the software from what I've been able to experiment with thus far. Excited and tentative thumb up!

I shall go play some more before bed. See you tomorrow! <3

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