Thursday, December 23

296. Crunched

Today was yet another busy day that was significantly less polished and planned than the past two, lol.

It was full of random visits and almost visits, chores upon chores to catch up on since more people were finally home, and the unexpected occurrences. My brother and I have literally run out of the house down the street to the car and up and left on some wild goose chase more than once today, lol. Re-setting up trees, rearranging entire rooms, Wendy's new fries (severely disappointed, btw), and no-baking treats made with my brother.

I can't even begin to think of what else about it I should write about. I have a picture or two I wanted to post today but my head keeps drifting towards my pillow so it will have to wait.

"Two more sleeps" everyone. Then, it will all be over and we can look forward to the let loose partying of NewYear's Day. See you tomorrow. <3

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