Wednesday, December 1

274. Colorful Cannibalism

It is one fantastic way to describe the Viva Pinata franchise. Yes, I do love this game and have 1 and 2 for the Xbox 360. I'm trying to get every species step by overwhelmingly fast-paced step.

So far, I have gotten a whole lot of Bispotti (biscotti + spotted ladybugs), Custaceans (custard + crustacean crabs), Lickatoads (lick + toads), Sparrowmints (sparrows + spearamint), and Whirlms (whirly + worms?). Lol.

Don't mind me, my brain is clogged with head colds and such. :D Hopefully I can breathe tomorrow. See you then! <3

P.S. Don't forget that today's World AIDS Day. Together we can raise awareness and find a cure. <3

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