Tuesday, December 14

287. Getting There

I definitely bunkered down today to cross more things off of my to do list. I got my snacks and set up shop/ took over the living room. The end result? Thirty handmade cards to make 5 sets of 6 different designs. I'm pretty impressed with myself. I obeyed one of the basic rules of mass producing cards: Do not start from scratch. I found a collection of card sketches (aka layout ideas that you are allowed by the creators to "lift") from making-birthday-cards.com and chose simple designs. I have to say I'm pleased with how they each turned out too. On occasion, I am dissatisfied with what I end up with, just like any other crafter.

Hm. Let's look at fun stuff instead of recounting the junk that's stressing me out, lol.

 Our ever classy kitty that I snuck up on while he was passed out napping. 

We figured if he wanted to commandeer his daddy's sweaters, he might as well be comfy. 
Normally, like many cats, he doesn't like stuff on him, but he actually fell asleep like this until it got too warm for him. XD

That blur in the middle was an injured coyote that was across the street. :(

 The tree that I helped set up! Complete with southwestern tree skirt. :)

Now I feel a little better but of course I have to kill that mood with returning to writing the rest of the 40 cards I want to send out by tomorrow. Oh joy. Got to love the holiday season! See you tomorrow if I survive. :P <3

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