Saturday, December 18

291. Cinderella

You know how I mentioned bubbles yesterday? Well, there's a scene in Disney's Cinderella where she is scrubbing away at the floor and sings to herself and harmonizes with her reflections in the bubbles that she's creating. I kind of felt like her this evening but superbly less glamorous.

I spent my evening scrubbing the floor in the room to do my darnedest at getting rid of... well, cat pee. It has come to a point where our cat is so bent on avoiding confrontation with his bully of a cousin cat that he is afraid to use the communal litter box down the hall in the bathroom. Whenever he needs to go number one, he half tries each day to head down there and then decides to heck with that and goes somewhere in his room. Friggin' A. I was scrubbing at dressers, bins, and walls.

The more and more I think about it, I feel that I really could use a brief vacation from everyday life as it is now. The visit to my folks is coming just on time in that aspect.

Hm, what else? Oh! The FMIL and I finally had a chance to work on her handmade Christmas cards. Not only did we crank out 45 cards of our design, but I think she got the majority of them written and addressed tonight! How great is that? Last night, we had the oh so brilliant idea of trying to get the family together to take a portrait to include with these cards. Oh man. XD The stars aligned and everyone ended up being available this afternoon and I called them all to arms in the midst of our card-making to dress up and we tried to get a picture in the blinding late afternoon sun. Lol. They are far from perfect, for half of them the boys are wearing sunglasses and/or baseball caps. Awesome. And we were still squinting. Not to mention we didn't think about who would take the photo of us and rearranged the outdoor furniture to put the camera on timer. At least we got one semi-goofy picture in the end that I'm fairly pleased with, ha ha. Now, to vote on which to use and figure that step out.

Here's the card we worked on today made with mostly Stampin' Up products:

Here's mine for this year, also made mostly with SU products:

I feel that they both look better in person. :P

We also went to dinner and my reasoning to do so was because we were all dressed up with no where to go. XD We even stuffed ourselves with some desert:

A hot fudge sundae and a brownie fudge sundae! Go ahead, be a little envious, I'll wait. Rofl. Good stuff.

Off to handle more laundry before bed. Mmm... warm clothes. It's finally getting colder and colder here! Imagine, a winter that feels like winter. Ha ha. See you tomorrow! <3

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