Wednesday, December 15

288. Here's My Card

Ha ha ha. I almost made a funny up there.

Didn't get much sleep for a multitude of reasons and a certain Mr. Kitty Cat had something to do with it. For some reason he just had way too much energy last night. Kept jumping up, not just on the bed, but specifically landing on me just to trample me. At one point he wanted to be pet and doted on so badly, that when I turned and lifted my head to look at him, I was promptly headbutted square in the face. To add insult to injury, too much close contact with kitty and one's face results in several hours of feeling fur everywhere. The last straw was early in the morning when I heard the neighborhood dogs, including the family dog, barking like mad and loud banging and thumping. I sat up and listened for a bit and could have sworn that it was javelina knocking down everyone's trash cans and rifling through them. I really did. On goes the robe and flip flops as I groggily make my way outside to remember that... trash day was two days ago- the bins aren't out. Plus, it's early but it's still daylight and they like to root around in darkness. Yeah, the puppy was just barking at a passerby, critter, or car but the loud noises I heard were real, just what was probably construction starting in the cul de sac the next street over. Awesome.

Fast forward past the early start to the day and nearly all of the cards that need to be sent out ahead of time made it to the mailbox! I'm still missing a few addresses but that project is at the finish line! Huzzah! My mind would not turn off last night either and I realized that I might need a few stocking stuffers or on hand gifts for my trip back to Florida! I'm pretty sure I've wished for 75 days of December in that we would have twice as long this month to prepare for the theoretically joyous occassion during which I will probably wish I spent in bed dreaming of sugarplums or what-nots through. Hence I was on the hunt for relatively quick handmade gifts. I'm pretty sure my crucial to-do list is buried underneath mounds of cardstock and scraps. Not to mention that my hands are covered in quick dry glue. T_T/ XD Oye. I'm trying to contain a total meltdown/ freak out and I'm fairly certain that you all can sense that by now. Ha ha.

I need to get back to my self-imposed sweat shop. Peace out and see you tomorrow! (Save me!) <3

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