Tuesday, December 7

280. Eruption

Bahaha. We were fairly entertained by the company we had in line last night. Silly kids. XD It all culminated in seeing some of them run to their cars as soon as they obtained their copies of the game and high tailing it out of the parking lot. The occupancy of that particular location was so small that I was made to wait outside while the SO grabbed both of our copies. We sat around the Starbucks for some time prior too that but after they had closed but we did get a bunch of free Hungry Howie's cheese pizza with the garlic bread crust. Mmm...

I love our Collector's Editions. They came with an exclusive in-game companion pet, soundtrack, art book, mouse pad, behind the scenes dvd, and a pack of their trading cards. I can't quite redeem my special card code because of my standing in the game but all in due time. I am also starting off flat broke in the game. Oh wait, not flat, but in debt. I never used to take loans or borrow money in game but had a large moment of weakness not too long ago to fulfill one of my digital goals of five years. Bah! I can't quite afford to open up the new opportunities that this expansion has made available. However, we did manage to make our Worgen. They are lupine-esque beings and we've been reserving names and determining which of our old characters we would delete to make room for this new one for a while now.

Underwater is a new realm for us to explore and I thought that was really cool. Especially because a friend and I had predicted it would be the next frontier just shortly after the last expansion was released. Lol. I'm still staying inside and looking out a mental window at all of the changes that have happened within the game over the past few months. Sigh. I think I'd actually like to stop thinking about it right now. XD

I did manage to finish up making my extra holiday cards last night, so that was another step done. Just, you know, a million more to go! Lol. Oye. I'm beaming with all sorts of excitement and worry, so don't mind me. :P

I spent some of today catching up with sorting through my cornucopia of web bookmarks. Oye, am I a net info hound. At the same time, I've also virtually run around collecting more freebies for digital scrapbooking and I am so excited to start soon. I probably won't be as fluent with it in time to make cute gifts this holiday season, but next year could be interesting. Teehee! :D

Well, I'm off to do another spur of the moment project for a friend! See you tomorrow. <3

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