Tuesday, February 1

336. Small Talk

Yes, I'm actually going to talk about the weather today.

However, before I get to that part, I have to say that today was fairly fail-tastic. We ran a few errands and then hunted around for one of those indoor tabletop decorative fountains. The vet had suggested we find one to encourage hydration for our kitty since it's a quarter of the price of an actual powered pet fountain and he does love running water. Most kitty cats do.

We've looked at Target, Walmart, Lowes, and other big places like that. we did check on how much the pet fountains were at the fancy pet chain stores too and I have to say that after this little ordeal, we are not going to be shopping there again. The exact same food and cat litter is half the price at grocery stores and places like Target, not to mention they're closer to the house. So ridiculous. I expect to find diamonds or something mixed in there.

Well, we found one that was half the price and size of the other fountains but it is also meant to be used outdoors and is large. We assembled it, put water in, and tried it anyways. What a horrible design! It doesn't drain fast enough, even though we had the pump speed on minimum, so it starts to leak out of the tank area before it even gets to the basin part. Ugh. That's being returned tomorrow. I called up the Walgreens and they say they have a few to choose from and we'll be trying there tomorrow. The kicker is that we'll probably be able to fit these in the room and it's 1/6 the price of what we found today. I hope it works.

The weather part was the SO asking me to guess what the low temp in town is going to be on Thursday. So I guessed around 29-32 when we have to cover up plants and have pets inside. Yeah, it's supposed to be 18 degrees. I'm pretty sure that just the other day we were teasing 80 degrees. Good gravy! So, we're covering up the plants, the hot mess of a dog has been coming in every night anyways, and we're going to have to save the pipes from freezing over somehow. I don't think it ever got below the mid-30's in South Florida where I'm pretty much from. Crazy ole desert.

Blah, I'm feeling like a drunken slug after taking an allergy pill. I'll see you tomorrow. <3

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