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337. 20 Questions

This was inspired by a YouTube channel that I've recently happened upon: A Gay A Day. Five gay men post a quick video each day theoretically about a specific topic. It had been pretty fun to watch the different personalities almost work together. :P

They had a week when they collaborated to answer 20 Questions about Love &... Relations. I'm enjoying watching their videos so much that I thought I'd answer the same questions (even if I have to tweak a couple because it doesn't make much sense for a straight gal who isn't a part of their group to answer them). They're a little different and I find that really interesting about this particular set. So, here we go!

20. {Who on the channel would be the best first date?}
If you go check out these guys, let's ignore the fact that they'd never want to go out with me, I'm a little torn. I think I'd like a first date with Luan. I think he is absolutely hilarious and that the first date would be an absolute blast if we meshed.

19. {Sarah Palin or Ann Coulter?}
Why oh why would you ask me this?! I'd probably hate myself after the fact in either case, but after the latter- I would have no more respect for myself as a human being. At least in the first case, it's that one big mistake you made that one night when you ask your friends to never tell anyone else and they actually don't. Yep, that's how seriously regrettable and pathetic that situation would be.

18. {Describe a bad kiss.}
Oooh. It tastes/ smells bad or like the meal you just had, it's slobbery, you regret consenting to it the moment it starts to happen, you didn't give consent and it was an unwanted surprise kiss, it goes on for way too long when you were just going in for a quick smooch, there are teeth involved way too early or too much, and/or there's a tongue suddenly and violently trying to kidnap your lunch. Yeah, I have had mostly positive experiences but I truly appreciated decent and good kissing when I started having bad ones. Wow, are the uncomfortable and awkward. Lol. I will say that sometimes it's just a compatibility or chemistry issue.

17. {Are piercings sexy?} Romantically, they're not for me. I'm already fearful enough of getting my earrings that I sometimes use caught on something. I start to get a little alarmed by industrial piercings and gauges when my friends get them and I've calmed down a little with eyebrow, nose, and lip piercings. No, not for myself or anyone I'm interested in. I'm kind of conservative and traditional with that. I know some amazing people who are really into them, just not for me. :)

16. {Have you ever been in love with a girl?}
I guess this question means a bit more when it's being answered by a great gay guy, but I think me being honest about it would still mean something significant too. I actually don't believe I've been in love with a girl and that actually surprises me. I have often found women very attractive and have neared many a crush, but I have somehow managed not to fall in love or adoration of any woman.

15. {Would you consider dating an older man?}
Yes, and I prefer it. I work hard and put a lot of effort into a relationship but I liked to be spoiled too. Who doesn't? Thankfully, a little goes a long way with me and I guess I feel an older guy has greater chances of being a more mature guy with whom I could learn a lot from and with.

14. {Who on the channel would make the best husband?}
XD I feel like I should alter this question, but I'm not sure how. I've only just started watching thier videos but um... Brandon seems awfully nice and totally the type of guy I used to fawn over back in the day but Simon has increasingly intrigued me personality-wise. Plus, he's closer to me in age so I feel less like a creeper. :D

13. {What's a gay stereotype you wish would disappear?}
Alright, I'm going to answer this with the gay and then an Asian stereotype. I wish the stereotype about gay guys being more feminine than straight girls (as in the most feminine one could possibly be) would disappear. I think this leads to much insecurity, bullying, and furthering of the stereotype that anything feminine is inferior. An Asian stereotype that I wish would disappear is the one that says all Asians are geniuses, especially in the subjects of mathematics and science. I'm pretty sure I started acting ditzy just to combat the pressures of not being perfect in those subjects and I told the lie so much that I believed it and made it a reality. I used to be much better at those subjects until people freaked out about my receiving B's. I chose to be blissfully ignorant to the point where I feel like I've handicapped myself in terms of academic achievement. /end that rant.

12. {Which sport is sexist?}
Ooo... at first, a little glistening is kinda attractive. Then, the whole reality of being drenched with sweat and the stench that comes with it suddenly kills the lure of athleticism. I'm trying to think of a uniform that I find sexy and I can't. Ugh, um... I think a guy tossing around any kind of ball casually is the most appealing. Such as, Football or Ultimate Frisbee in the park gives that all-American feel that makes many sports alluring without becoming all jock/ meat-head. Lol. I do tend to like if they have some sort of physical hobby or interest because it shows passion, loyalty, and dedication combined with a sense of wanting to stay active and fit.

11. {Would you prostitute yourself for money? If so, how much?}
ROFL. Wow. Now do you get why I thought these questions would be fun to answer? I'd like to say yes, but I can't. I want to say that I would be willing to make that sacrifice in order to ensure financial stability for my loved ones, but I'm too selfish/ sensitive to? I can't believe how much thought that I've put into this over the years. Knowing myself, I'd need so much therapy and would be so screwed up that the money (even if millions) may not be enough to make me whole ever again.

10. {What is your relationship with God?}
I do believe in a God, for the lack of a better word for the higher being I feel connected to. I was raised a certain religion, I suppose, but I have found myself more very spiritual with the universe than prescribed to an organized religion. We talk at random times and I'm learning to ask for guidance and support rather than answers and favors. I'm also working really hard to take moments throughout my days to just randomly say thanks for the big and little things or have an "Oh, I get it now. Thanks for trying to give me hints/warnings before smacking me in the face with it though" moments.

9. {Who is the hottest "YILF"?}
Uh... I don't really do the "Omg, they're so hot! I wanna do 'em!" with people and this is especially so when I'm in a committed relationship. I guess I did fawn over Mike Tompkins for a few minutes before I wondered if he even liked girls and then found out that he was married to a lovely lady. Once I found out he was married I shut those feelings down. I feel weird about fawning over a married sorta-celebrity. I never knew I had that moral standard until that situation. XD Weird.

8. {Would you ever forgive someone who cheated on you?}
I know I could get some flack for this, but yes. I would. I would not forget and I won't completely forgive immediately. Depending on the relationship and the circumstances around the cheating, I may forgive enough to give our relationship another try. On that note, I'd want to know about any infidelity though. I really respect the courage it takes to come forward and take responsibility for ones actions.

7. {What would you do if your children were homophobic?}
I would be seriously disappointed in myself and be deeply saddened by the intolerance I contributed to somehow. Then, there would be some serious discussions happening in our household. I'd love and respect my childrens feelings but there are much bigger things to worry about than what others do with loved ones behind closed doors or preventing good people being with those they love.

6. {Is it okay to kiss on the first date?}
As a rule of thumb: try not to. Not that it's morally wrong in my eyes, but moving too quickly doesn't set a good foundation for a lasting relationship- if that's what you're aiming for. However, if there's a real multi-dimensional connection and it feels right: go for it.

5. {Would you rather have sex with anyone for a day or your favorite food for a year?}
Food, why are we even asking this question? XD I was even thinking long and hard about what food it would be and I think I actually decided on cheesy nachos. I hope that this situation comes with the stipulation that I won't die as a result of the greasy goodness. I haven't had really good nachos in the longest time whereas I've had access to good pizza, macaroni and cheese, and chicken fettuccine alfredo. I would set for another few nacho-less years if I have one solid year of amazing nachos. Besides, I don't lust after anyone that much to trade a year's worth of amazing food just to have a day of rolling around in the hay with. There is so much conviction and truth behind my choice, it's almost not funny. XD

4. {Would you ever take a "Straight pill"?}
Okay, this makes nearly no sense for me answer. However, it is my hope that people should never feel that they have to be straight to feel accepted/ normal/ loved, etc. It's not a medical condition or disease that needs to be fixed or cured, it's just who you love and who we end up falling in love with has aspects to it that we can't begin to explain.

3. {Would you date a taller man?}
Way to bounce around between the deep and meaningful to the pretty much superficial. :) Yes, oh yes. I'm 5'2" and am willing to say that I'd feel awfully uncomfortable dating someone shorter than me. I don't often wear high heels and when I do they're not that high and it would be so super if the guy I'm dating was naturally just a little taller than me in that situation. I guess it's that programing in me that thinks that taller= someone who could take care of/ protect me kind of deal.

2. {Describe your perfect date.}
Let's skip a perfect first date and go for the general date for a committed couple. My ideal one would be getting dressed up and going somewhere peaceful to hang out and chat for a bit (maybe a semi-secluded walk in the park during late afternoon) and then to a restaurant that was somewhat fancy but still had good food and intimate atmosphere. I would love to somehow catch the sunset so I suppose it has to be a linner? Shoot, I really haven't thought this through. Okay, how about that semi-secluded hanging out where we can have a nice chat that felt really deep even if the topics weren't- leading up to watching the sunset in awe- then to the snazzy dinner. Of course there's dessert somewhere even smaller and quainter, then another walk or hang out somewhere were we could cuddle and look at the stars and talk even more. I've totally had this format of date more or less in smaller scales and it's my absolute favorite.

1. {Do you hate [insert female anatomy]?}
I didn't want to be terribly blunt writing that even though I have little to no problem frankly discussing it in person. I kind of do, lol. It's given me a lot of trouble, there have been so many times that I've preferred the company of guys to girls, and I'm not attracted to the thought of them. I've actually kind of tried to at one point, but realized I was pushing myself to be something I wasn't for the sake of trying to make others happy. Or what I thought would make them happy. Idk, I've been a little mixed up. :)

Alright, I'm still obsessing over these videos and I'm fascinated by the topics that they're talking about. It makes me miss a lot of my friends that I absolutely adore. I hope that this has amused you or made you think a little about yourself. Mmk, I'll see you tomorrow! <3

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