Monday, February 14

349. Love Day

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Or Single Awareness or Batman Sticker Day or whatever the nonsense you prescribe to in order to make it through the day.

I think I've come to a conclusion about today, the people who often gripe about it being a horrible commercial monster are logically right, but are the most jaded. It's kind of like how people who convert to more extreme religions often have stronger outspoken faith, but the opposite. They believed it the traditions of today but have had a string of negative experiences that had led them to lose any faith in what today is meant for: celebrating love. Granted romantic love seems to be the forerunner in all of this, but I find that many modern families seem to spread that all around. On the other hand, it may be because the parents can't orchestrate time to make it special for just themselves. Lol. Either way, from all the posts and notes I've seen today that spoke against Valentine's Day, those people were hurt the deepest by it.

I'm the type to try to do both. Something special and potentially romantic with a significant other, if possible, plus something sweet with loved ones and sometimes people I don't know. I'll go nuts with the themed decor, heart-shaped foods, handing out chocolates to any one I meet, creating tons of note cards, and generally embarrassing those close to me once I start my own family (I'm guessing.). XD

I think I've talked about future ways I plan on embarrassing those I care about pretty often. :P I can't wait!

Ha ha. See you tomorrow! <3

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