Tuesday, February 15

350. So [S]Tweet

It's hard to tell what I love more: the internet or crafting.

As much as I suffered phantom limb pain because I haven't been on my laptop today until now, I managed to keep away while working on a crafting project. I haven't volunteered in the classroom lately and I guess the kids have really begun to wonder about my existence. Apparently, I was a hot enough topic in class that FMIL let the kids call me at the end of the day and I missed talking to them by 1-2 minutes! Argh! Lol.

Some of the comments were: "Where is she anyways?" "When is she coming back?" "She's gonna come back on Friday!" "She's never coming back!" Awww! Doesn't that break your heart in so many ways?

Well, the good news is that I decided to go in to surprise them on Friday, but found out that I could be hired on as a substitute aide that they need pretty badly right now, so I'm going for the remainder of the week starting tomorrow.

Get this, next week, they're only going to have two school days. Wednesdays is more of a planning- meeting day for this program and next Thursday and Friday all of the kids in town have the day off because the rodeo is in town. You read that correctly. It's such a big deal here, they get school off. Got to love perfect convention-event weather, right? This state really needs to find more ways to attract big bucks like this more often.

Anyways, since I decided to magically appear in class for them, I wanted to provide an extra little surprise. I made them all little 3"x 3" pop-up cards of little birdies. I was thinking about putting a "You're so tweet" pun on there, but that's just complicating things for these kids. So instead, I wrote: "Hello ___" and added their names so each child will get their own customized card. I can't believe we started this school year with about 11 kids total and are now toying with 22. Each week, they're getting information about at least one new potential student. Half of them finalize the process and start within a week or so and some never do. I had heard about this but hadn't quite experienced it last year when I was volunteering about 30 hours a week for a few months. It's really a revolving door type of deal in there!

The cards are drying and being squished under a box right now, but I'll try to remember to snag a picture before I hand them out. Nothing fancy, but a cute and simple little gift that I hope they like.

Mmk, I need to get some rest so I'll see you tomorrow! <3

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