Saturday, February 26

361. Saving Lives

Today was yet another Saturday. You know, the same ol', same ol', learning how to save lives and such.


I was certified for CPR and first aid today in order to be a substitute teacher aide at the schools. :) It was good times in the south side of town and I'm glad I learned new things while refreshing myself on everything else too. Our instructor was a great guy who was such a fountain of practical information and real experience. I had been certified at one point but that was several years ago when I was talking an Early Childhood Education course in high school. Yeah, definitely time to brush up.

I'm really glad that they've simplified much of the process for infants, children, and adults. I'm also in awe of the growth in technology because of the ease of use of a compact defibrillator. I don't remember anyone other than the paramedics having access to one, let alone one that walks you through how to use it. What a relief and what an amazing change.

Sometimes I really worry about how advancing technology coupled with increased individualism leads us, as a race, running down the path to our own selfish and abhorrently effortless destruction. Then, I see things like that little machine plus episodes of Nova and Scientific American Frontier on PBS in ways that people everywhere have been and are using traditional and unconventional means of developing new technology or new uses for current technology. It is truly uplifting to be reminded of that.

On a completely different and irrelevant note, I made a cute printable calendar for myself to dedicate to my crafting business but I added random tidbits about various offbeat holidays that may serve as inspiration for seasonal creations. To make it even cuter, of course, I added pictures of adorable baby animals via quick digital scrapbooking to make it even more fun for myself.

Getting more on track, I hope to continue to gain skills in being self-sufficient, learn more about being more self-sustaining, and how to contribute to the betterment of the human race. Not too much to ask or aim for, aye?

^_^ I'll see you tomorrow. <3

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