Saturday, February 12

347. Yesterday

I didn't do much else today besides go visit with sick family and come bearing get-well-soon gifts like Emergen-C, dried apricot snacks, and a Snuggie. We ended up ordering Chinese take-out for dinner which we ate on actual plates. I feel kind of bad that I haven't had too much substance or whatnot to post to this blog since I'm usually fried by the time I get to writing here.

To sort of make up for that, I'm sharing this music video from YouTube of a new artist I'm obsessing over since I haven't done that in a little while either.

This is Conor Maynard from across the pond featuring Lily Violet Springall covering Toni Braxton's "Yesterday" featuring Trey Songz. There is just something so musical about the melody and emotion that I just can't tear myself away from.

I hope you enjoy and will see you tomorrow. <3

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