Monday, February 21

356. Photo Op

I thought I almost forgot to do something today. Was getting ready for bed when I realized the blog that I only posted onto one of my blogs. Good game, me.

Thankfully, I did manage to download some pictures from my camera (finally) so that can be what's up today. Lol. 

I may have already blogged about this one, but isn't he cute?! 
Snuggling to get warm in my fluffy pink robe and his daddy's favorite red sweatshirt.

 His cousin got an afghan made for him by grandma.
He has been obsessed with her alpaca yarn for weeks.

Such a long sausage-looking boy getting all comfy.

What the freezing weather has done to the plants. :( 
The desert was not at all prepared. We brought in what we could and covered up the rest.

Pretty mountains looked reddish in the morning sunlight.

Yesterday, the weather started acting up again. This place usually has clear skies.

The SO spotted a wide rainbow and let FMIL and I know so we could run out and see.

Lol. Not mine but I thought these were great too. 

And this is how I've been feeling lately. XD

Mmk. See you tomorrow! <3

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