Saturday, February 5

340. Satisfaction

That song: *I can't get no! Satisfaction!*? Well, substitute that with "motivation".

After last night, I really wanted to get past feeling sorry for myself or being frustrated for things that are out of my control/ insignificant. I felt that maybe trying to do something that was not only pleasing to me but somewhat productive at the same time would boost my confidence and positivity. My plan is to ride on that accomplishment high and take on bigger projects around the house.

That saying along the lines of "If something bothers you- fix it" is what I'm pushing myself to do and... I'm just going to need a lot of caffeine and music to get me by until it becomes a habit.

The project I chose to work on tonight was the scrapbook that I started on roughly a year after the SO and I started dating. Our third anniversary is coming up now and it's still not done. Ninety-five percent of the pictures and layouts are actually done and I've actually had writer's block about the journaling and final touches. With both card-making and scrapbooking, each step I'm on- I keep swearing that it's the hardest step to get through! Developing layouts, choosing pictures, matching colors, developing focal points, adding embellishments, journaling, etc. Yet, once I get over the hump, it goes so smoothly and quickly- I'm constantly surprised by that-and then the cycle starts over again.

I've also had quite the day on the phone talking to family and friends. I'm pretty sure that there was more time spent today chatting that I have during the past month. Really weird, lol.

I need to go continue seeking my muse. :) See you tomorrow. <3

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