Thursday, February 10

345. Go Fish

After a great business meeting/ training session today, I... am not quite sure what I ended up doing. Needless to say, I've crashed hard from another caffeine high and have the amplified attention span and memory retention of a goldfish.

I haven't been able to attend to anything for more than a minute and a half and am looking at something else every 3 seconds. Even writing today's post is taking a kajillion times longer than normal (which is actually a decent amount of time since I keep wandering off).

Earlier, I finished my root beer, decided I was still thirsty, walked into the kitchen, pulled out the jug of apple juice, set it on the counter, got called away to look at something on the computer for no more than two minutes, commented on a craft project that FMIL was working on for the classroom on her Cricut, and walked back into the living room. Who knows how long later, I reach for my root beer, re-realize that the can is empty, walk through the kitchen to recycle the can in the garage, and see the container of apple juice on the counter. Whoops.

It's not that bad to have one decent brain fart in an evening, however. I went into the other room to ask the SO if he wanted anything to drink, he said yes and handed me his empty can to recycle, I grab it and as I'm walking away to recycle it ask if he can hear the laundry going on the other side of the wall, he says no so I should have kept going out into the garage and grabbed the laundry but instead commented on FMIL wrapping up her project, and wander back into the living room. Not even five minutes later, the SO walks into the living room and asked me if I wanted anything to drink. I stare at him all confused and then he keeps repeating the question while cracking open his own drink. After half a minute of staring blankly at him, it hits me. I forgot to do what I said I was going to do again. Not only that, that's the second time that's happened in this week and the third in the past two and a half weeks.

I tend to be a fiend about remember the little details and nuances of what people say but apparently, I'm some special breed of moron. XD

I'm trying hard to think about the balance that I want to find for myself in everyday life before I start making extracurricular plans. Wish me luck! See you tomorrow. <3

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