Friday, February 4

339. Snapshots

Today was my love's birthday and after a while I got frustrated over conditions that were out of my control. Then, I became a sour-puss for the rest of the day. Great way to make the day special, aye? I thought so too. /eyeroll. Regardless, we had a nice and yummy family dinner out.

Bah, I'm still a tad grumpy (but at least I more or less understand the root of the issue) so here's is some music that I recently happened upon. I'm really feeling this right now:

The original song is "Price Tag" feat. B.o.B. by Jessie J:

This is a cover of said song by Tyler Ward & Eppic:

I'm going to keep blasting music into my brain until my issues melt away. :) See you tomorrow. <3

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