Saturday, February 19

354. Distracted

I'm catching up on sleep and crossing my fingers that I don't get sick with a flu that seems to be going around now.

We watched the Arizona vs. Washington college men's basketball game today and I have to say that even though I often wandered off to the other side of the room to use my laptop, it was a pretty intense game. Truly down to the wire and I'm glad that we won but they played a heck of a game. Kudos to the Huskies but Go Wildcats!

We ordered some yummy lasagna and pizza from a local Italian place and my eyes were actually bigger than my stomach. That hasn't happened in a while, lol. SO's brother felt bad for making push the grocery cart full of drinks and snacks at the store. However, that was only happening because he broke his shoulder last week but was told by doctors to stop using a sling. They don't want it to freeze up since it's a versatile joint, so he's encouraged to do his best to regain full motion. Pushing a cart full of heavy stuff doesn't help though, lol, so here comes little ole me doing all the dirty work. XD

I was reading a few of the blogs that I follow and looked into a Kpop (Korean Pop) group called SHINee ("shiny"). I don't know why, and I'm sure I'm like the many other people that stumble upon Kpop and then quickly find themselves obsessed, but I am utterly fascinated by them tonight. So here's one of their music videos:

Since I really don't know what's going on with the music and more or less in the video, the sprinkling of English words out of context makes for an awkward but fascinating experience. Just like watching a fabulous train wreck. @_@?;; How was that for an emoticon?

Lol, see you tomorrow. <3

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