Sunday, February 27

362. Cooking Up Trouble

I feel like I've used a similar title already. However, the past few weeks, I've been too lazy to go check my list of posts to confirm the suspicions. Come on, it's almost a year's worth of posts to comb through! :P

Oh no, I think I've nearly annihilated my laptop's left mouse button. O_O! I really hope not, I need that to scroll! T_T

The SO and I went to visit with his dad today and while we were waiting for gourmet pizza to be delivered, I was invited to rip apart the kitchen to organize it. It's something that I've been waiting months to do. Literally. I was beyond excited. He said he was half-joking about me doing it at that very moment, but I was already on my way inside to start, and the SO was left in the dust in the driveway telling his dad, "Nope, it's too late now. She's already gotten it into her head." XD

It's really great being around someone who really understands you and can serve as an interpreter to outsiders. That's one thing I love about my close friends back in Florida. A lot of them just get me when I get into certain quirky moods and just step back to enjoy the whirlwind of a show. That's a big part of true friendship, knowing better and loving you anyways. Lol.

I really don't want to say "laugh out loud" as much as I do, even though I really do physically do it as much as I type it. I often find typing "ha ha ha" sounds too sarcastic and dry and I enjoy typing in a way that portrays how I choose to think and talk. That reminds me that I think I used a lot of big words in yesterday's post. I must have been really tired. I sometimes be so tired that I don't believe anyone would understand what I want to communicate, so I overcompensate with specific vocabulary because I think it helps. But then if I'm really delirious tired (or "punch drunk" as the SO calls it), I'll start to slur and that doesn't help anyone but it is pretty funny to see me try. Lol.

But I really need to vent/ rant about the state of the kitchen and what I've done with it. I'd include pictures, but it's not my stuff and I want to check with FFIL to see if it works for him. 

Well, thanks to my yanking everything out of all the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen, spreading them all over the counter tops, and attempts to put it all  back, I do believe that we now have about 10 drawers and cabinets that are empty now. And it's not like I crammed the ones that are in use. Finally, all of the pots and pans are together in the deepest of drawers, we have the place mats and dish rags close at hand, the plates are higher up and close to the sink, and the knives are no longer in the one drawer that sticks.

Ugh, every time I went to grab one, I would get the image in my head that the drawer would come flying open and I'd impale myself five times over.

There was little to no common sense involved with the prior tossing together of the kitchenware. There were spices and herbs laid out in a drawer right underneath the stove that now houses the cloth place mats, washcloths, and oven mitts. All the coffee and tea things are in a pull-out tray underneath the coffee pot brewer and not taking up the drawer that was meant for pots and pans.  All the oven trays and grill trays and heaviest baking dishes are underneath that. Before, some of the trays were there but I had to pull the rest from three other spots in the cabinets. There's plenty of room to keep them all together for goodness sakes!

The same goes for the ceramic bakeware and the glass bakeware. The sets are finally all together instead of sprinkled into every flippin' cabinet right underneath the oven which is at eye and waist level as opposed to on the ground. Smaller but hardly used appliances are up and tucked away in just as small cabinets above the stove and microwave, the cups and mugs are now in the same cabinet on their own shelves, and gravy boats and tiny cute cream pots are above that. I took the plates and various bowls on a pull-out shelf in the furthest cabinet into an upper cabinet near the sink and above the silverware which are also all near the dinner table.
Heaven forbid all the serving-ware was near the area we eat at and together.

I also removed two pull-out shelves in the two skinny cabinets on either side of the side so maybe FFIL can fit future trays and taller items that don't quite fit into the typical cabinets. I also found out that two canisters that have been on a valuable spot next to the stove since they day the house was moved into were empty. Not we-used-whatever-was-in-it-up empty, but there-has-not-been-anything-inside-for-probably-the-last-few-years empty. Holy cow, really now?!

Yes, I am that worked up about this project. Being too overwhelmed because of moving or too much stuff or too much stuff to do is a valid excuse but that was not the case here. This was sheer and blatant disregard by parties that are no longer relevant to the situation anymore and FFIL has been living in the aftermath. I know he's pretty picky and fairly logical in how he likes his home and that's a big reason why I wanted to help out by doing this for him. I am so glad he was finally ready to hand over the reigns temporarily. I realize that a kitchen is often the heart of a home and nearly sacred or at the very least a sanctuary for those who can cook well/ enjoy cooking and he's that type. I feel this task is as big a deal as I'm treating it. :P

Now that I've tackled as much as I could with the sensible arrangement of what's in the kitchen, I'm off to tackle the pantry which was just as confused but just as used with the same level of frustration. Wish me luck and I'll see you tomorrow! <3

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