Sunday, February 13

348. Note-taking

Studying and note-taking can kind of suck in a it gets pretty boring kind of way. Eloquent, I know.

I'm attempting to write a basic reference guide for myself for the game since I'm typically the information hound that everyone decides it's faster to inquire and wait for the answer to magically appear rather than digging for it themselves. I admit that I often doggedly pursue the answers to random questions and I have get this sick kind of enjoyment out of it more often that not.

I unfortunately do not have a computer that is up to snuff for such a thirst and I do like jotting down notes everywhere. I thought I should finally bite the bullet and collect it all in one place. I found an old composition notebook that I had hardly used and started to meticulously document my research in there. Then it hit me, many of the basics in game change every few months. If I pair up this treasured notebook with a desire to make minimal corrections to it... that's friggin' impossible.

I'm not quite sure why I wanted to use a notebook in the first place. Maybe it was because I got all excited about the idea of having my own notes on hand and that I like writing things that got me into this mess. So, the SO "gently" pointed out that I should just bite the bullet and compile it all on my computer. If anything, I can eventually print out the pages, three-hole punch it, and put it all in binder for me to flip through and change out individual pages when the information on them becomes obsolete. I think he only consented with those latter ideas because he knows that I'm a sucker for that kind of tedious and meaningless organization. Sweet of him, right? Lol.

So, I started and it's kind of frustrating having to rewrite all these notes that I've already meticulously and painstakingly taken. Couple that with doubting what I wrote and re-confirming by looking more than half of it up again. Sigh. This is exactly why I hardly get anywhere with anything. Detail-oriented to a fault. I'm making pretty charts and everything.

It sounds kind of ridiculous, but this game has been such an anchor in my life during some of my toughest times. It just feels right and nearly logical to take it this far. Plus that binder idea is awfully appealing for when my computer decides to have a conniption or when people call/ text me their questions and I'm not near my computer. You'd probably be pretty surprised as to how often that happens.

Rawr. I'm nearly all ranted out about this. :P I'll see you tomorrow. <3

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