Thursday, February 3

338. Year of the Rabbit-Cat

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!
Happy Lunar New Year!
Tis the Year of the Rabbit (or Cat for us Vietnamese) and either way it's my year! Woohoo! :D This is the first year that I haven't really done anything Asian for the occassion. :P That rhymed. I tried really hard last year by making fried rice for the family and attempting so many ways to make red (but really pink) fortune cookies. Maybe I feel that I got in my quota of Asian-ness when I went back to visit my folks for Christmas and New Year's. Hm, idk. Oh wait, maybe because I'm a tad distracted because the SO's birthday is tomorrow. It's a semi-important one and he's not exactly thrilled about that fact. I'm trying to do something special but it's pretty difficult and I'm super frustrated and borderline upset but I'll figure something out.
Oh! In the meantime I can share an SU! project that I did:

They are luminaries/ luminarias/ luminarios that are Asian-inspired. :D
Here's wishing all of you happiness, health, and wealth! I'll see you tomorrow.

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