Friday, February 11

346. My Funny Valentine

I've dabbled in researching a few new card-making techniques and finally chose one to try out. That was a day and a half ago and I finally finished it earlier this evening. I'm fairly pleased with the results, my major beef with it is that I felt pretty limited in terms of supplies.

Okay, coming from me, that sounds a bit insane. However, I was trying to work with purely SU! items that I owned. I'm limited in ink and card stock and don't have too many (if any) fancy embellishments. I really tried to treat it as a challenge and opportunity for me to get really creative but I am just so stuck with doing the prescribed. However, that's a whole 'nother story/ rant.

I did get my first Valentine for this year today. : ) FMIL delivered it from my preschool boyfriend. XD Isn't that so sweet? They put together two characters that she cut out last night and made cards with them and he chose to make one for me!

Isn't that freakin' adorable?! 

The message he wrote on top was: "[insert my name] LOVE I" XD Aw!! How on earth does the SO expect to top that? Lol. 

I can't help but mention the awe-inspiring turn of events that has happened today over in Egypt. I wish them all the best in finding their footing and restoring peace and order.

How many times could I have said "however" in this post? Ha ha, I can feel myself become more delirious by the second. I'll see you tomorrow. <3

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