Tuesday, February 22

357. Blast From The Past

I'm feeling a bit under the weather today, so here is a blatant cop-out out of thinking of something to write about. :D

Here are some random pictures of various things I've made over the years in no particular order:

A sketch of pipes/ straws using permanent marker and what I believe are Prismatic color pencils. 
This was probably done about 6-8 years ago.

A mosaic-esque picture out of notebook paper, Crayola markers and crayons, and tons of Elmer's glue. I colored each strip, chopped them up with scissors, and glued each piece one by one.
This was done about ten years ago.

Winter festive cows (and baby penguin) ornaments for my family made from polymer clay.
These were made about two years ago.

I eventually amassed a sizable army of polymer clay snow people with different colored scarves. I ended up giving most of them away as gifts that Christmas.
Also done two years ago.

Collective Etsy inventory at the time. Friendship bracelets made form cotton embroidery floss.
These were two to three years ago.

A customized origami mobile made from various papers, beads, and floss.
Cranes, flowers, and lucky stars.
This particular one was from about a year or so ago.

I do love to dabble in simple crafts and looking at this batch of projects, I reaffirm the conclusion that I really love bright and fun colors but give nearly every hue a chance. Just to mix things up. I tend to obsess and attack each medium in phases but once I add a new technique into my repertoire, I'll always eventually come back to doing it. : ) I have this weird urge to doodle and make a bunch of snowmen for no particular occassion right now. LOL. 

I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you tomorrow. <3

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