Wednesday, February 23

358. Back To My Roots

I really miss having access to a piano tonight.

I started taking lessons when I was about 7 or 8 years old and stopped around my freshman year of high school due to personal issues. I've missed it so. I only made it up to an intermediate level and was toying with starting to delve into the more advanced playing at the tie. After that point, I tried to keep playing through learning chorale music in high school and playing the most difficult of my repertoire over and over again. When I went off to college, I pretty much became a groupie of the School of Music and used the practice room pianos that were across campus in the middle of the night.

During that time in my life, my folks started renovation their home and I ended up moving clear across the country to the desert. Needless to say, I hadn't used my old upright piano in ages. It was already about a dozen years old when we got it when I started, but with no one else to use it and it taking up space (my family lived in our house while it was being fixed up and never put a thing into storage- it was total chaos for over a year), it was sold to a family with a grandmother who had a lot of time on her hands and really wanted to learn the piano. How could I be resentful of that? I hope she is getting tons of use from it and can feel the love and joy that instrument has brought into my life and the lives of my friends.

Well, to get to this point, I was logging onto my WoW game and saw an advertisement for in game sheet music. Needless to say, I flipped out. Then, I attacked the company's website and within mere minutes, I had a wishlist created that totaled up to nearly $200. Roflmao. It's called Sheet Music Plus and I already adore it. My list is full of piano-vocal arrangements because those are the only two things I know how to do- kind of. That saying of "The more you know, the more you know that you don't know" totally applies to this, lol.

Then, I wanted to sing along with the sheet music I was finding then I became all sad because my iTunes has been screwed up for the better part of the past year with have of my +2000 songs missing somewhere in the cyber netherverse that is my computer. Well, this was the kick in my pants that I needed to hunt all of that down and I found it all in less than ten minutes! Why couldn't I have figured this out sooner?! So, here I am grooving to one of the most eclectic collections of music I've ever seen. :D I am one happy clam. Hahaha!

Speaking of getting back to ones roots, I also have planted a pepper plant that my mom gave me the... erm peppers to when I went to visit her last. I was so worried that I had waited too long to plant it (because I totally forgot I had it stuffed into a pocket on my luggage) or that I just sucked that badly at growing green things BUT!! look at what started to happen suddenly one night:

Something sprouted!


**And not even a week later, look at what happened!**

It's now a forest!

Lol, I would apologize for my enthusiasm but I'm the type that barely keeps anything alive that doesn't warn me that it needs anything. Once it started to go, it really took off. Every night before we go to bed and once early on in the day, everyone is checking in on them because there's something new going on every time we walk by. It's crazy! XD I am so excited.

These suckers are incredibly spicy and I hope that this keeps progressing well. 

Alright, I need to head out before I explode from anticipation and enthusiasm. Ha ha! I'll see you tomorrow. These things totally made my day. <3

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