Sunday, February 6

341. Fingerfoods

I'm not entirely sure that "fingerfoods" is a word. Nope, typing it in the body versus the title bar has confirmed that suspicion. Well, too bad spell checker, it is now!

Can you tell that I'm a little off my rocker tonight? I may have overdone it on the caffeine today seeing as how I haven't had any in a little too long and then chugged a Mountain Dew. Yeah... I'm really not the brightest hammer in the pool hall. Imeanwhat? :P

It was Superbowl Sunday day today. This is a newsflash, I'm sure. We were going to a family friend's party, but had issues arise and ended up staying home and watching it together. To me, that meant that we had to have snacks asap. So, zooming around cleaning I went and then about an hour before the kick off, I started getting all the food together. Raiding the fridge and our pantry-corner while making calls to have food picked up. I'm proud at what I did. I did miss the first few minutes going back and forth between the TV and the kitchen though. :(

Popcorn, pretzels, various cheese and crackers, sodas, summer sausage, peanut butter and chocolate fudges, olives, hot homemade salsa (from a family at school), dips, potato and tortilla chips, and a homemade (thrown together) pseudo-trail mix of peanuts, white chocolate chips, walnuts, and orange-flavored dried cranberries. That last bit was awfully confusing but surprisingly good. Lol. Add to that some hot buffalo wings, a meat lover's and a veggie lover's pizza. There was only five of us. XD Yeah, I may have overdone it a tad, but I'm still proud of myself for putting together such a spread on little notice, and my mom has been a "Go big or go home" kind of lady. She doesn't play around when it comes to having good food at a party.

None of us were crazy about either team and this game didn't really have anything memorable about it, in my opinion. We were shafted on commercials, but I caught up with them after online and was still disappointed. The SO did make a point when he said that at least the promoters and companies were being hit heavily by the low economy/ wary of frivolous spending on making new advertisements.

It also kind of killed me a little that none of the game systems that we have in the house work with the family-main TV. It has been a tradition with my friends and I to play a Mario Party game when the game or commercials started becoming boring. Sigh, maybe next year.

In other news, kitty is still on the mend. He really isn't self-hydrating nearly as much as he used to/ we would like him to. Regardless, he's been pretty friggin' cute lately. He has been letting us bundle him up when he normally dislikes being confined.

"No more cuddling, Mommy! You're so embarrassing! Daddy, make her go away! I wanna go back to sleep! >_<"

That's pretty much what he's been saying to me the past two to three days. I can't no love around here! Lol. He actually does nap like this sometimes. It's disgustingly cute! How could I not want to smother him to pieces?! Sigh. Lol. 

Alright, I'm going to stop myself now. :) See you tomorrow! <3

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