Wednesday, February 9

344. Holiday Spirit

Um. Okay, although that may sound a bit confusing at first, there are still fun celebrations going on right now. Namely, (in game) the Lunar New Year and Valentine themed events. :D

This year, the SO had finally gotten into the spirit after a few years of not caring and I couldn't be happier about it. Usually, I'm the only one from our circle of friends that freaks out and enthusiastically tries to drag everyone around with me to do everything that they seasonally set up. I haven't been able to pay attention enough to the activities this past year, but luckily he's caught the bug and has helped and done everything he could to have me achieve those goals. It's very much appreciated and pretty amusing to see the determination and excitement coming from someone else while I'm doing chores. Hooray for living vicariously!

Another aspect of the holidays is the spirit of giving. Alright, now I'm probably really messing with your internal clocks, aye? Well, a coworker of a friend recently lost all of their possessions in a house fire. Luckily, all of the kids and grandchild made it out safe too. However, while waiting upon the insurance company to do their thing, they had nothing but the shirts on their back. As a family, we'll be going through our things and making a delivery soon. I hope that they are paid out as soon as possible. I know they have their physical lives and health, but this is such a mentally and emotionally catastrophic situation. I would be so heartbroken if I would lose my collections of things in a flood, fire, or storm. I cannot imagine their struggle and we wish them all the best.

Oh no, I just saw the headline that the closet I have to a favorite author just passed away last week! :( Argh! This day is getting sadder by the minute. Roar!

Sigh. I should go. I have an early day ahead of me tomorrow. See you then. <3

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