Thursday, February 17

352. Achy-Breaky

I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned it before, but it's been another one of those days that I've understood the saying: "Who keeps lowering the floors?!" I subbed for an aide today and with all the new kids starting right after one another, even with all the kids we had absent, it was pretty insane in terms of herding.

As many things we each did at every 30 seconds (Once, upon a time- A, fingers out of your nose please, we don't want you getting sick from the germs- B, stay in your seat so your friends can see too- C, turn around and look at the story or you'll miss the giraffe- D & E, we're done with clapping and listening now- Okay, F, go to the bathroom- G, thank you for sitting so nicely- H, this is the third time you've asked for a drink now, you're missing the story- The forms are on the table!- In a land far, far away...) There just didn't seem to be enough eyes and bodies to do what's best by the kids since we've gained quite the hectic dynamic lately.

One more day. Lol. I'm sure it would help if I could regulate my sleep, caffeine intake, and had time for lunch. Even though they don't desperately need me tomorrow, but could always use extra help, I am so determined to go in for a different reason. It's the last day for one of the students tomorrow. He's ready to move on, but is a bit young to start kindergarten just yet and unless the family finds funds for a typical preschool program around town, he's out of school until school starts next year. The technicalities of this frustrate me so. I personally feel that he should be allowed to finish this school year in his class. Grrr. Sigh.

I need to seriously rest up, we have Freaky Fridays in class where our schedule and activities are wonky and different from what they do every week. It's truly insanity on our behalves and for the kids but they tend to have a lot of fun. Then we can send them all crazy for the weekend! Hooray! Lol. See you tomorrow. <3

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