Friday, February 25

360. Yee Haw!

I thought that actually may have been an appropriate response to today's events but I don't think I heard it once today. :P

I went to my first Rodeo and it was pretty fun. My first feelings were: I have never seen so many studs, rhinestones, and plaid in a single location before- let alone so positively supported! Not that any of those things are bad on their own or together, it was just a small revelation of mine. Lol.

Although I wore my new boots, jeans, and what I felt was a rustic-inspired top to go, I felt like such a city slicker walking around. I knew I wanted to get some pretty earrings to commemorate attending my first rodeo and checking off another Southwestern experience off of my list and not only did I end up succeeding with that mission but walked away with this:

That is indeed a snapshot of my new cowgirl hat. A white one too, of all things. I got caught up at the moment, lol. I normally don't do hats because they look odd/ don't fit on my wide head, but they actually had true hat sizes and I do acknowledge that a lighter color hat reflect more heat while covering my nearly black hair from absorbing sunlight. Lol. I learned about hat bands and stampede bands that will keep my new hat from being ripped off my head by the gusty winds. I'm a little excited about slowly but surely making this hat my own via such accessories. Yes, I really am a girly dork like that.

Those things on it are my new artisan hand painted earrings. They are so light and I love the teal color. It truly shimmers more in better lighting.

I snapped quite a few video clips of the different events but fewer pictures and I'm not sure why, lol. Here are some!

Part of the program for today.

The gates.

A couple of the cowboys.

Buckin' Bronco.

Right out the gate.

For ideally eight seconds.

More of the bigger picture.

Overall, it was a pretty fun day and I'm glad to have had the experience. : ) I'll see you tomorrow. <3

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