Friday, February 18

353. Pools of Fire

Today was an intense day with the kids, but I'm yet another step closer to being a substitute aide and that's pretty exciting. However, I'm running on hardly any sleep over the past couple of days and am pretty sleepless-drunk right now.

Made the mistake of laying down while read something around 8:30pm and almost nodded off. It was very tempting to just let myself go but I really don't want to be up at 4am and going insane.

I've developed a nasty habit of leaving my half-eaten quesadilla leftovers in the classroom microwave because it's so good that I don't have the heart to just throw it out when I don't have enough time to finish it at the moment. Then, I end up at home realizing that it's still in there and... yeah. So ridiculous and the idea of what would happen if we didn't go back and take care of it asap is gross.

We had a checkup appointment for Mr. Kitty Cat today. The vet gave his health a thumbs up and answered every little question we had about him and his cousin. That's another great thing about going there. Not only do they have a factual answer, but they have yet to make us feel foolish for asking anything. She even gave us tips on how to slow down his cousin's eating so he stops instantly hacking it up and whining for more. One of the tricks included spreading the proper amount of food in an ice cube tray. We're kind of mean because we stood around to tease him about his inability to figure out how to scarf his food in a nanosecond. XD I'm sorry, but it's for his own good, the house's own good, and was hilarious. He tried everything he could think of which was really three things: try with his face that couldn't fit, now only try to scoop it out piece by piece while trying not to let it merely drop into another pocket, or look up at us, then flop on his side and whine to give him is "real" food. Pets are hysterical. It really is the little things. Except this cat has been battling getting obese because of his fixation on food. He's chunky.

When the SO was hunting down certain materials in our game this evening, I finally realized that they were more or less "Earth, Wind, & Fire" and I found that to be quite the hoot. He didn't quite connect them with their songs so I ran to YouTube and started blasting songs like "Boogie Wonderland" and "After the Love is Gone". So much fun! Probably more fun than it should be because I'm delirious but hey, it really is simple things in life that prolong it. XD

Depending on whether or not that's true, I'm either living well into my 80's or dying within the next decade.

We just heard a noise and I totally lost my train of thought. I'm going to listen to more disco before heading to bed. Lol. See you tomorrow! <3

P.S. This song has nearly nothing to do with anything about what I wrote today besides the fact that it's awesome:

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