Sunday, February 26

An Appearance

There's been a new appearance in the garden!

We have been anxiously waiting for something new to start happening- be it leaf growth on the poor peppers from last year, herbs, or sprouts from new seeds.

I was predicting/ crossing my fingers for either the beans or peas because they are infamous for being quick starters and often used in classrooms. I was hoping if I started up soon and figure out how to properly care for them, we could possibly start a science experiment at school for the kids to see. However, it was the row of rapid-growth leaf lettuce that has arrived with a vengeance!

I have way too many seeds leftover from last year, so there was a generous sowing this time around. There are still tons left over so maybe we'll have a plethora for the rest of the year. I will have to thin out the herd quite often because of this but that's okay. I want to be able to eat some this year! Well... yeah, I'll try it out while the rest of the household eat it, lol.

Tonight, we made a turkey club bake that was delicious. It had tomatoes from a coworker's garden and some freshly chopped parsley from mine! Weird, but exciting. :P

In other news, my little brother (who I will perpetually picture as somewhere between 9-11 years oldd) is turning 20 on Tuesday. I am freaking out! I have a hard enough time realizing how old I am now, let alone my one and only sibling no longer being a teenager. Totally freaked.

That's all I can handle today, lol, so

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