Saturday, February 18

Maple Syrup

Bittersweet memories...

Back in my freshman year of college, my roommate/ best friend and I got into this MMORPG that was free to play and oh so cute before we were introduced to WoW. We made friends, I learned how to understand and read quite a bit of conversational French, and I started to feel comfortable playing video games myself instead of being a cheerleader on the sidelines.

This was Maple Story. It's actually still around and still free to play. Still very cute and still pretty glitchy. Lol.

A while after she and I got into it, my cousin, my brother, and his friends discovered it as well. They started really playing together around the time that I discovered WoW, so I gave my account to my cousin to use at her disposal and never looked back.

My old account is still there. I just can't access it anymore. Or for now. What a shame.

So my brother and his friends recently started to get into the game again for whatever reason and he encouraged me to look into again so we could sometimes play together. I let my best friend know and now she and I have been on a lot this past weekend. Quite a bit has changed and yet tons of it feels familiar. So much nostalgia. And confusion. :P

I wonder if most people rediscover things they used to be obsessed with or at least like tons of time later and enjoy it as much as I do.

It's nice how somethings never change and while others don't stop changing. It's great to experience both.

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