Monday, February 6

Last Month's Loose Ends

That's all I think I have been up to today.

Doing my best to finish up the projects I started and did the bulk of during last month. It's a tad frustrating not to start anything yet but on the other hand, I don't really have a sense of closure in terms of last month. I still haven't done my two page layout yet but time waits for no one.


Bit of a bind, isn't it? When my computer is acting up, I am left with awkward downtime so I did start a scarf. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that at least twice already. It's pretty straight forward so I'm not sure if I'm grossly underestimating my speed or... well, not sure what the other option is but am sure that there is one. :P

Ugh, I know I did stuff today. Don't just want to post about nothing... think, think.

Oh! Remember that fundraiser dinner and raffle that I poured my blood, sweat, and tears into most of last week? (For once, it wasn't that dramatic.) Well, FMIL won a Wildcat tee and cap and apparently I won two separate gift certificates! I didn't even buy tickets, but FMIL and another teacher insisted I use some of theirs because of the effort I put in. With much reluctance, I did. Luckily, they are both to the same place: a salon! I have never been to one before. Well, I have to visit people but not to get something done to myself.

Heck, up until nearly a year after I moved here, no one else has ever even cut or dyed my hair besides my mom. That was super weird enough. It's still gets me panicky. I have been due for a haircut recently though. Its naturally very thick in the back so I tend to get it thinned during warmer months. Well, haven't had the chance to lately and now whenever I pull it into a ponytail (which is definitely more often than not), I'm destroying my hair ties because they can't handle the bulk. Sigh. Oh, I guess I should mention that one was for a haircut and the other was for a shellac manicure. That's a toughie to use because I do so much crap with and to my hands. It's just worse with school, lol.

The SO and FMIL have heard of the place and it's not exactly down the street but it isn't quite across town either. I'd like to use both services at once but I'm more likely to give the manicure to someone else. I can more or less do my own and have it come out half decent. That way, I won't feel nearly has bad when it gets destroyed in two to three days. We'll see.

There. Now I feel better about this post. XD

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